Stitch It Up!


Not much to it……

Just make sure the tracks are as flat and secure as possible.


Just that EASY!

Stylist: @_HairByKierra

Let Ki provide some CLOSURE….

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A closure installation is more just “no leave out”

♥The foundation must be flat avoiding bulky or thick braids

♥The closure must be placed first in order to secure its space

♥All closures DO NOT have to be plucked

– examine the closure

– pluck closure  according to persons natural part

♥ Find a powder concealer (Doesn’t have to be expensive) as close to your skin complexion as possible……. and DAB

– You do not have to put concealer on the closure everyday. Shouldn’t have to reapply more than once every two weeks (varies depending on personal activity)










“If you’ve never used apple cider vinegar on your natural hair you’re absolutely missing out. For a deep cleanse: mix 2 tablespoons of ACV per 2oz of water, put into a spray bottle and spray from the roots to the ends. After the hair is extremely saturated in the solution, leave in for at least an hour to overnight. Rinse, condition and VWA-LA!!



Defined Curls!!




My hair is beautiful beyond imagine. My hair reflects positive energy, growth, strength, and prosperity. I love each and every coil. It is my prized possession and the crown I wear everyday.

Model: @24kblacc

Photographer: @Redvisionfilms

2015-03-24 02.15.43.jpg

My hair means the world to me.

Model:  @tamirb_

Count How Many Kierra’s You See: Versatility w/ Kinky Curly Hair


3 bundles of Brazilian Kinky Curly from John Doe Co. (Refuse to disclose their company name due to a bad customer service encounter)

On the other note, Gotta lay those edges! El Scarfe and Design Essentials Maximum Hold Edge Control are my best of the best friends lol. I two strand twisted my leave out with some pieces of the top tracks for a better blend

Version 4

Decided to blow dry my hair. Can you believe it looks so NATURAL???

Version 3IMG_0918

Time to straighten and wrap. I promise you I did not unwrap my hair until I finished my make up that next evening andddddd….

Had a ball,


that was a night!

Made sure I wrapped my hair that night so I didn’t look like Boo Boo the fool, while raising funds for Howard University’s Alternative Spring Break 2015. Shoutout to #ASBBaltimore SQUAD SQUAD


Of course it decided to rain, so this happened……..

Version 3

Install and Style: @_HairByKierra