My Very First Closure…..

You always have to start somewhere…. and that somewhere WOOOOOO was that a story…..

So let me tell ya’ll about my first closure experience….

I decided I wanted to enter the closure world so I talked about it with a friend of mine who worked in a salon not too far from my school. While having multiple talks about how exciting this would be and how she SLAYSSSSSSSSS closures, I said Why Not?!?!

She tells me she has 3 closures that I can pick from so we meet at potbelly



She pulls three closures out of her suitcase. The first closure was homicidal LMAO


She pulls out the second closure, its balding. So i’m like ehhhh maybe i’ll just stick to my twist outs and bantu knots.

The last one gave me some hope and after washing and conditioning it, it was pretty decent. At this point, it’s late like LATE so I decided I had no other choice but to continue with the installation since the wait would’ve then been a waste of time.

blah blah blah

1:30 A.M I finally return back to my dorm, wrapped my hair and went to bed my head was in dire pain. Now I was really excited because my roommate’s birthday was the next day and we were planning on getting dumb cute.

Come night time, I fleek my face and unwrap my hair and notice the closure was lifted, it wasn’t laying and just wasn’t the one one.


I was able to pull the ultimate ‘ Fake it till you make it ‘ but Kierra was one unhappy camper.


After a while I just couldn’t take it. I decided I had no choice but to think of another style that wouldn’t waste the installation but make it to the point where I actually wanted to wear it.

Then, this happened…… 🙂


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