My hair is beautiful beyond imagine. My hair reflects positive energy, growth, strength, and prosperity. I love each and every coil. It is my prized possession and the crown I wear everyday.

Model: @24kblacc

Photographer: @Redvisionfilms

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My hair means the world to me.

Model: Β @tamirb_

I am not my hair! I just 😍

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Hair means a lot to me. It’s basically another way to express yourself. Depending on how I do my hair that’s how I feel. If I wake up in the morning and I’m mad at the world I’m definitely not going to do my hair but if you see my hair freshly pressed or in some curls just know I’m having a good day 😘

Model: @Richalaaaadoe_


My hair is my journey. From 2011-forever I’ve had the opportunity to take control of my journey. When I first cut my hair I didn’t know what my journey would look like but I was ashamed at first so I braided it up to let it grow out some more. Now years later I started my locks after taking out my protective style(braids) on my natural hair. My hair had grown so much I felt overwhelmed so I began to twist it up. My initial twists were large I mean large and gradually they were minimized to the size I desired. Now months later I find my hair locking well and doing its thing. My hair means everything to me because it’s my journey.

Model: @_slimora


My hair is my most beautiful feature.Β  I treat it like the finest silk.Β  Health and length are top priorities on my list. Expensive products are not off limits.Β  My hair reflects all of my hard work and care.Β  It is my crowning glory.Β  My hair is an extension of my identity. To dye it or fry it would be to deny a part of me. To texturize it or to perm it would be akin to wearing a mask.Β  My natural curls, coils, or kinks are here to stay for as long as I am here.Β  My hair is an extension of me.

Model: @OfficiallyDes

Photographer: @RedVisionsFilms

Hair: @_HairByKierra