Let Ki provide some CLOSURE….

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A closure installation is more just “no leave out”

♥The foundation must be flat avoiding bulky or thick braids

♥The closure must be placed first in order to secure its space

♥All closures DO NOT have to be plucked

– examine the closure

– pluck closure  according to persons natural part

♥ Find a powder concealer (Doesn’t have to be expensive) as close to your skin complexion as possible……. and DAB

– You do not have to put concealer on the closure everyday. Shouldn’t have to reapply more than once every two weeks (varies depending on personal activity)










My hair is my most beautiful feature.  I treat it like the finest silk.  Health and length are top priorities on my list. Expensive products are not off limits.  My hair reflects all of my hard work and care.  It is my crowning glory.  My hair is an extension of my identity. To dye it or fry it would be to deny a part of me. To texturize it or to perm it would be akin to wearing a mask.  My natural curls, coils, or kinks are here to stay for as long as I am here.  My hair is an extension of me.

Model: @OfficiallyDes

Photographer: @RedVisionsFilms

Hair: @_HairByKierra