Let Ki provide some CLOSURE….

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A closure installation is more just “no leave out”

♥The foundation must be flat avoiding bulky or thick braids

♥The closure must be placed first in order to secure its space

♥All closures DO NOT have to be plucked

– examine the closure

– pluck closure  according to persons natural part

♥ Find a powder concealer (Doesn’t have to be expensive) as close to your skin complexion as possible……. and DAB

– You do not have to put concealer on the closure everyday. Shouldn’t have to reapply more than once every two weeks (varies depending on personal activity)









Dat Part?

fullsizerender-7              What should a closure really look like? Absolutely nothing.

Closure installation is becoming very popular in the black community; ensuring protection for your natural hair while being able to implement any desired style. The braiding technique is key for laying a flat closure. The purpose of a closure is to illusion a natural scalp using either silk or lace. Hints. “Natural Scalp”.


  • Get a majority of the hair braided if not all, to increase growth and provide less tension and activity on left out hair i.e constant hair straightening, edge control build up, etc.
  • Find a nice powdered concealer that matches your skin tone to better blend closure
  • Treat as if it is your natural hair. Shampoo and Deep condition every two weeks
  • Keep hair under weave maintained and moisturized
  • Be very careful when oiling scalp between braids to make certain the weave doesn’t get oily


  • Pluck large amounts of hair off of the closure during the parting process
  • Have more than the edges left out
  • Use  the wrong braiding technique

Image:  IG @_HairByKierra